Body Electric
Learn To Give & Receive A Full-Body Taoist Erotic Massage In Just One Weekend!
Feb 4th to 6th, 2022 | Katoomba NSW
A Retreat That Will Change Your Life!
"Discover the Wisdom of Your Body"
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$925 AUD
SPECIAL OFFER, Pay $825 ENDS 4:00PM 23rd Jan 2022
$725 for Financial Members and CBE Graduates
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Testimonials From Past Participants

I enjoyed the opportunity to let go of the fear of being naked in front of other men. Body Electric has helped me to learn about what it is to be an erotic being and to give and receive intimate touch without expectations. This has enabled me to access a deeper and more loving connection with other men.

- Arthur 

In this workshop I was able to feel completely secure and at all times invited to accept the guidance that came from experienced facilitators, gradually introducing me to a new way of experiencing my body, its energy and how that energy can be moved to increase my self-awareness.

- Jim

Body Electric helped me breakthrough shame about my body image and the idea that I 'needed' an erection to enjoy myself sexually. Letting go of these things granted me an enormous amount of confidence. I am now able to express myself from the heart in ways I never could have imagined before attending.

- Peter

Body Electric was an extraordinary experience. Each day built on the deep and profound work of the one before. I sobbed. I was held. I had belly laughs that were medicine to my soul. And most importantly, I came away a changed person, on a deep, cellular level.

- Stephen

Celebrate the Body Electric

Feb 4th to 6th, 2022 | Katoomba NSW
A Breakthrough Workshop To Unlock The Wisdom Of Your Body

Our introductory Body Electric workshop takes place at a convenient and private location in the Blue Mountains on the first weekend of Februrary 2022. It commences on Friday evening and finishes Sunday evening.

Set in a context of consent, this is a physical, emotional and erotic journey of self discovery. Through sharing and listening, giving and receiving touch and using conscious breath, you will learn to connect with and harness the full power of erotic energy within your own body.

Completing this workshop enables you to attend further intensives, advanced workshops, retreats and events offered by Body Electric.

In order to comply with COVID restrictions we are only accepting a limited number of participants in this workshop, will be enforcing strict hygiene procedures and following NSW Guidelines to ensure your safety.

Here's EVERYTHING You Get When You Participate In The Workshop:

The total value of what we're offering is PRICELESS, but today you're getting all of this...


  • Taoist Erotic Massage Techniques: You will learn the ancient wisdom of the Tao, to give and receive a whole of body Taoist Erotic Massage that will allow you to enter into a state of blissful loving connection with your fellow man.
  • Tantric Breathwork Practices: You will learn to utilise Tantric Breathwork to circulate Eros (erotic energy) throughout your body to expand your capacity as a lover.
  • ​Breakthrough Bodily Shame: You will take home a greater respect and acceptance for your own body.
  • Sensual Freedom: You will move beyond the fear of performing in intimate situations, expanding your sensual repertoire beyond simply playing with a hard cock to experiencing the electrifying orgasmic potential of your whole body.
  • Unlock the Spirit of Eros from Within: You will learn to fly within, experiencing the primal connection between your erotic and spiritual self.
  • Erase Isolation From Your Life: You will take home a truly authentic connection with yourself and lifelong memorable connections with your fellow workshop attendees.
  • ​​Comfortable, Private & Safe Setting: You will experience this workshop in a location which is convenient and accessible, yet also offering a great deal of privacy and comfort.
  • Delicious, Nourishing Meals: You will receive a delicious lunch, along with snacks, tea and coffee will also be available throughout the day. We are ready and willing to support any of your special dietary needs.


Our History

Body Electric was first founded in San Francisco, California in 1984 by Dr. Joseph Kramer in response to the emotional trauma, social dislocation, and shame experienced by gay men during the first years of the AIDS crisis.

Dr. Joseph Kramer combined ancient wisdom of Tantra and Taoist sexual cultivation with insights of western sexology, psychology and neurobiology to create the style of Taoist Erotic Massage taught in Body Electric workshops.

Into the present day, Body Electric continues to evolve, offering a range of experiences to expand the emotional and erotic development of men.
Joseph Kramer
Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is the age group of people who attend?
You must be 18 years or over but you are never too old to attend a Body Electric workshop. Adults of all ages attend and benefit from the work. One of the great gifts of the workshop is the connection with a wide range of ages where everyone feels included, valued and appreciated.

Q: Does sexual orientation matter?
Our workshops are inclusive of men from all walks of life; all orientations and identities are invited to attend.

Q: How will this experience change my life?
The outcomes are different for everyone. It is difficult to predict what might happen for each person. Often people are able to let go of something that has been holding them back, or they are able to take hold of something new.
Q: Is impotence an issue?
Impotence is not an issue. Our work focuses on the whole body and helps men discover how to let go of expectations. Once the energy gets flowing you find yourself letting go of unhelpful preconceived notions.
Q: Can couples do the workshops together?
Yes, however participants are paired randomly for all exercises. At times you may be paired with your partner. We offer a CBE couples workshop from time to time, where you can work together with your significant other.
Q: Once I've paid my fee and I've committed to the workshop, what happens next?
One of our coordinators will be in touch with you via email to set up a brief phone call to welcome you to the program.
We'd love to hear from you!
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